PR aims and tasks or what is the difference between PR and advertising?

Today more top-managers are arriving to the opinion that it is very difficult to develop further and provoke competition in one’s market segment with the use of advertising as an influence tool on consumers. There is an understanding that advertising serves only the purpose of informing about the product, its peculiarities, meanwhile Public Relations create an image of the company (product), enable to increase the loyalty of targeted audience and recognition among competitors.

There is a completely different transmission mechanism in PR than in advertising. It is necessary to create a flow of information over a certain period of time for professional operation of public relations.

While advertising directly influences consumers, PR should create an impression that a person arrived to some certain (specified) conclusion himself. As only in this event the person will trust the thought that was “independently” realized by him.

However, top-managers tend to expect immediate results of PR-campaigns which is incorrect. As the most important feature of PR is its long-term orientation. That is if a company has been carrying out regular activity throughout the year, it will be possible to see the results within several years. This is another distinctive feature from advertising activity, since with discontinuance of advertising the production demand starts to decrease.

Moreover, one should not judge the fullness of PR-campaign achieved results upon its end. As the process of image creation of the company is continuous, and if stopped you will stop the process of the company (product) development in some way.

Companies dealing with PR-promotion of high quality start to think about regular work with the public, set certain aims this direction. And in course of time they understand that PR unlike advertising has always a strategic pattern.

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