Parliament of Kazakhstan enacted the Television and Radio Broadcasting Act

On Wednesday Parliament of Kazakhstan enacted  the Television and Radio Broadcasting Act providing full republic population coverage secure with air digital television and radio broadcasting as well as the competitiveness improvement of native television and radio channels, informs the correspondent of agency.

Particularly the Act undertakes cable operators to include all native television channels broadcasting in region into basic pack.  Therewith the foreign television channels, distributing the signal on territory of Kazakhstan should be registered in the republic and adhere to requirements of the Act including alcohol advertising prohibition, cruelty and violence propaganda.

The Act warrants complete change from analog to digital broadcasting up to 2015. Astana, Almaty and Karaganda will take precedence to displace on digital format in pilot mode in the next year.

The registration of foreign and native television and radio channels will be carried out by authorized government body, the operators of television and radio broadcasting will have been licensed. "Nowadays as you know the scenes of violence, cruelty and pornography are on the television channels. Thereupon the Act is directed to prohibit films of such contents affecting especially on children’s psychology", said Lyazzat Tanysbai, the Vice-Minister of Connections and Information introducing the document at Senate plenary meeting on Wednesday.

Furthermore in 2018 the provision is made for increase of native information content up to 50%. The free access channels packs and compulsory channels will have been formed during the native content development.  "One of the main objects of Act is securing all native television channels with warrant in order to include it in pack, distributing by national television and radio broadcasting operator while changing to a digital broadcasting. As well as in terms of foreign experience it is provided the vulnerable social groups provision by digital frame-grabbers at the expense of a republican budget", specified the representative of Ministry of Connections.

In order to protect disabled person rights and interests during television programs distribution, the Act provides sign language or subtitle translation  of news television programs", it is  specified in conclusion of the committee.

With the aim of complex approach to television and radio broadcasting development problem it is created the independent consultative body affiliated to the government and national television and radio broadcasting operator as part of Kazteleradio national company.

"The right to specify the requirements of individual satellite and air receiving mechanisms, cable routes in residential estates at the territory of an appropriate administrative-territorial unit not only behind the Maslikhats (local representative authorities) and Akimat (local administrations) of regions, cities of republican nomination and capital but also behind the local representative authorities and executive bodies of cities and districts is provided ", said in conclusion.

For Kazakh state language development purposes for compatriots in foreign countries were applied the amendment of native television and radio channels broadcasting.

A number of human rights defenders and representatives of journalist society criticized this Act and call the authorities not to force its acceptance. In November 2011 the regulatory agencies and journalists had published the compellation to Head of the State with claim of non-acceptance the Television and radio broadcasting Act in such version it came to parliament. According to its estimate many provisions of document restrict or offend against citizens constitutional law to unhindered information acquisition and distribution, predetermine information sources reduction and native press market decrease. The participants of Kazakhstan press market consider that this Act monopolizes sector to the benefit of government. Particularly they are tremble for license only some companies can receive that is necessary for broadcasting by cable, satellite or Internet according to new Act. What is more, the national operator of television and radio broadcasting will have colossal preferences from the state and after a while, will be able to dictate terms other participants of market, primarily television companies that had to conclude its television and radio channels distribution contracts, point the experts following from document text.

As well as the deputies approved the introduction of alterations and supplements to some legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan concerning television and radio broadcasting while first reading. Some amendments were proposed in number of legislative acts in order to its conformation with Television and Radio Broadcasting Law. Particularly the amendments and supplements have been proposed to the Code of Administration Violations, Tax Code, Copyright and Neighbouring Rights Act, Act of Languages in the Republic of Kazakhstan, Mass Media Act, Licensing Act and other. ASTANA, December, 28.  News – Kazakhstan Press Agency.