“New York Times” published the photos of the most significant events of 2011

“New York Times” newspaper summarized the passing 2011 today and published a selection of photos of its correspondents captured the most significant events in the country and around the world, reports ITAR-TASS.

Special edition contains several sections devoted to the events that have already become history: “Arab spring”, “Occupy”, “Nature”, “World”, “Nation” and “Milestones”.

The first photos in the selection concern protests in Tunis, Egypt and Libya and the regime fall of Hosni Mubarak and Muammar Gaddafi. There are presented rare shots from the residence of Gaddafi colonel, his departure from hotel in Tripoli after appealing to the nation, death of his supporters and triumph of opposition.

There are portraits of the reporters who died while doing their jobs in dangerous regions. “Reporters can, if necessary, weave their battle stories from hundred miles away. They can only hope they’re not in the wrong place at the wrong time” is said in the legend to the portraits.

Then there is a chronicle of events “Occupy Wall Street” action, that began in New York and spread over the whole country afterwards. Tent camps in New York, Washington, Chicago and Los-Angeles, fights with police, shots of disturbances.

Photos of natural disasters caused quite a lot of troubles to humanity are also presented in the selection: photos of destructive tsunami in Japan, aftereffects of the earthquake shocked the country in March. Among the photos there is a famous shot from Natori province where in the middle of terrible flood a house was in ablaze. Among others there is a flood in Thailand, pictures showing tornado effects in Joplin, the USA, that killed 158 people, aftereffects of earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand, and a photo of miraculous salvation of 2-week-old girl named Azra rescued from the collapsed building hit by the earthquake in Ercis, Turkey.

The edition has always noted the major world events – funerals of the North Korea leader Kim Jong Il, reaction of American to the news declaring that Osama bin Laden was dead, including a famous photograph of secretary of President of the USA Obama State Hillary Clinton, Vice President Joseph Biden and other high-ranking members of the national security team watched from the White House Situation Room the report of a secrete operation in Pakistan. One of the most famous shots, according to the newspaper, there are protests to parliament election results in Russia, ceremony of guests arrival on the occasion of wedding celebrations of Prince William and Kate Middleton. One of the main national events – debates of struggling USA presidential aspirants, activity on the occasion of 10th anniversary of the terrible 11 September, 2001 terrorism. In “Milestones” section there are presented celebrations of South Sudan declaration, activities in Beijing devoted to 90th anniversary of China’s Communist Party, and registration of a same-sex marriage in New York.

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