The most brilliant quotes about business in 2011

The Forbes summarized business results in 2011 and created an interesting selection of bright statements of famous businessmen.

“There is idea. There is money. There is no partner. Eastern Slavs historically had commercial transactions without partners. Peter I tried to unite the merchants in partnerships in the western manner. This is our mentality: to live closely, to deal separately. So if you are able to do without a partner, you better do without it,” - Yevgeniy Chichvarkin, the founder of Euroset.

“I was much tougher and more aggressive by nature. People who tried to circumvent, deceive or use me irritated me. Those who broke their responsibilities, intrigued and continued to hug cheerfully looking in the eyes. I used to turn such situations into scandal immediately. But afterwards I dropped this habit, as I realized: patience is the most important in Business, Patience, diplomacy, the art of compromise and ability to play multidimensional games”, - Oleg Boyko, billionaire, investor.

“Geniuses are not needed, there is little use of them, there should be an accurate competent man able to concentrate on the task and to work in team”, - Valentin Gapontsev, laser physicist, multi-billionaire.

“They invent diverse theories, why we cannot do anything in social networks. While we just cannot do it, that is it! We tried to buy – it did not help, it is impossible to be everywhere,” – Arkadiy Volozh, the founder of Yandex.

“I proceed from the principle that there is no “no” word in business. If there is an interesting price, any business may be sold. I have heard time and again that people said that they would not sell it in spite of the price. I think, this is not an economic approach”, - Alexander Kossyanenko, one of the founders of Perekrestok chain.

“It is possible and required to learn even by example of competitors. Apart from sharing the area of influence and avoiding aggressive actions you can learn something useful. I have learned quite a lot of things from competitors and have been always wondering, how easy you can get very important information if you have built good relations with the person. People tend to boast of their achievements and often share the things you will not be able to think of yourself,” – Oleg Boyko, billionaire, investor.

“Why do we consider necessary not to disclose information concerning ultimate owners? Firstly, life of corporation is rather more stable in the situation when ultimate owners are not disclosed. A physical entity or physical entities can become an attack objective. A raider attack. If they are unknown , or not known for certain, an attack objective disappears. Is there any warranty protecting from raider attacks? Probably no. That is why we do consider such risk. Do we consider it fatal? No, it is just the issue of saving money. We either spend resource for protection of this man or these men, or do not spend anything. After all, it is business. And the second reason is that our shareholders are not vain,” – Dmitriy Kamenshchik, co-owner of Domodedovo airport.

“It is important describe the future, not only to see it, and then to lead people towards it,” – Vladimir Polyakov, engineer, multi-billionaire.

“Your goods or service shall be unique. “A common board wholesale and retail from the stock in Moscow” can keep your family, but won’t make you rich. It shall be a unique board, either with the lowest price, or with the best service, or with the fastest delivery, but better – total of these factors,” – Yevgeniy Chichvarkin, the founder of Euroset.

“I like what yields profit. This is the main principle. Moreover, it is more for tomorrow than for today. I am a definitely long-term and strategic investor. I am not interested in portfolio short-term investments. And I am almost not doing them. Thus my investments to a large extent are my evaluation of what will happen tomorrow. I can make mistakes and lose sometimes,” – Alexey Mordashov, No.2 in Forbes rating.

“Money for me is a completely virtual units, it is senseless discuss it in isolation from really significant things. Taking part in this pursuit just to prove to somebody something seems to be objectively meaningless, it is not the worst sport though,” – Pavel Durov, the founder of VKontakte.