Obermutten, Switzerland

The Swiss hamlet of Obermutten, population 79 thousand, became a Facebook sensation after its fan page launched with a video of the mayor promising that anyone who "liked" it would have their profile picture posted on the town's (real, not virtual) message board. Obermutten now has more than 14,000 fans. Jung von Matt/Limmat created the campaign for a regional tourism department.

Parliament of Kazakhstan enacted the Television and Radio Broadcasting Act

On Wednesday Parliament of Kazakhstan enacted  the Television and Radio Broadcasting Act providing full republic population coverage secure with air digital television and radio broadcasting as well as the competitiveness improvement of native television and radio channels, informs the correspondent of agency.

Particularly the Act undertakes cable operators to include all native television channels broadcasting in region into basic pack.  Therewith the foreign television channels, distributing the signal on territory of Kazakhstan should be registered in the republic and adhere to requirements of the Act including alcohol advertising prohibition, cruelty and violence propaganda.

Ad statuses will be available in Facebook

Facebook объявила о том, что в поле «новости» на страничках пользователей в январе появятся рекламные объявления. Ожидается, что этот шаг привлечет к сети внимание большего числа маркетологов, а также обеспечит ей новые источники дохода.

В настоящее время Facebook сильно ограничивает количество рекламы в правой колонке пользовательских страниц. Появление рекламы, безусловно, станет заметным - особенно для тех, кто пользуется социальной сетью в смартфонах. Однако в телефонном приложении реклама появится не сразу.

The most brilliant quotes about business in 2011

The Forbes summarized business results in 2011 and created an interesting selection of bright statements of famous businessmen.

“There is idea. There is money. There is no partner. Eastern Slavs historically had commercial transactions without partners. Peter I tried to unite the merchants in partnerships in the western manner. This is our mentality: to live closely, to deal separately. So if you are able to do without a partner, you better do without it,” - Yevgeniy Chichvarkin, the founder of Euroset.

“New York Times” published the photos of the most significant events of 2011

“New York Times” newspaper summarized the passing 2011 today and published a selection of photos of its correspondents captured the most significant events in the country and around the world, reports ITAR-TASS.

Special edition contains several sections devoted to the events that have already become history: “Arab spring”, “Occupy”, “Nature”, “World”, “Nation” and “Milestones”.