PR tools

Information events for mass media representatives

Press conference means the event for journalists carried out to inform the public about any news and comment it. Most of press conferences are carried out in a business format. However the creative elements are pertinent to such press event script.  The effectiveness of press conference may be essentially increased using color newsbreak evolved under the abnormal visual angle and mass media need causing to clear the situation, charisma and speaker/-s readiness as well as the understanding of mass media needs.  Also we recommend holding press conference in nonstandard format: it may be not only the rememberable place of arrangement but also the information commencement form; game-playing, interactive or other variants.

Media tour means the road event for journalists being arranged to attract attention to PR object (region, project, production plant or enterprise). Media tour supports long informal communication with journalists, helps to come into close contact with them, share non-official information in order to strengthen ties. This event may become the independent newsbreak. We offer to use not only traditional media tour formats but also the nonstandard variants of arrangement in a form of investigation; logical labyrinth game or media tour with celebrities and etc.

Briefing means the event for mass media and represents itself as shorted version of press conference (usually up to half an hour) generally without the presentation part. Such form of communication with journalists usually happens as post event means short statement, debriefing, answers to questions. Sometimes the necessity to hold briefing appears spontaneously.

Blog tour. Compare blog tours with media ones will be wrong. As blog tours are independent PR tool. Firstly most of bloggers are non-representatives of mass media which means they do not receive fees from the employer for articles and participation in tours so its interest to blog tours is only personal. Usually bloggers are interested in participation in order to advance their opinion afterwards on web blogs pages by the same token to heighten reader interest and loyalty. Secondly bloggers take part in subject events because they are experts in some subjects for readers. Therefore questions been asked by bloggers usually actual and sharp (captious). Thirdly apart from the official information, bloggers notice different small changes and details while touring as well as share its impressions from the observed and listened. The fourth, while touring bloggers prefer transmit occurring in social media that opportune its readers follow the events on-line.  Such tool as blog tour is efficient and effective for company mass popularization however we recommend performing it under the auspices of PR experts.

Seminars mean the educational event to journalists and partners, clients, companies, state authorities devoted to specific technics, methods, developments, ideas, commodities and services of the company. It includes educational part and discussion. It is necessary for target audience loyalty improvement.

Debates mean clearly structured and specially arranged public exchange of ideas between two parts on actual subjects. It is the variety of debater public discussion oriented to overpersuasion of third party in it owns rightness and not each other.  Therefore the verbal and non-verbal means using by debaters pointed at certain status reception: form listener positive impression from own position.   Nowadays the popularity of debates related to political ones. The debates between John Kennedy and Richard Nixon have been carried out in the course of president pre-election campaign in the USA in 1960 was the first television debates. Afterwards the debates became popular in politics both in the USA and Europe.

Information event for investors

Road show

1) Road show likes tours with special route, performance program and strict regulations.

2) Road show means meetings carried out with potential company share purchasers while share placing. At the road show it is explained to investors why the company is so good and the reasons of share buying. Road show is a presentation of company share placing.

3) We shall add that road show is not only a number of company compulsory presentations before attracting investments but also the ongoing dialogue between company and its existing or potential investors. Successful road show arrangement allows not to talk investor how much the company costs but to sneak up on independent conclusion that company costs more than he thought.