"Altyn-Sapa" Case








Title of project: Altyn Sapa President premium

Sponsors of project: Ministry of Industry and New Technologies of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Contractors of project: PRIME MEDIA L.L.P PR Agency

About project:

The Altyn Sapa RK President premium been founded in 2006 is a national award for achievements in quality. It is presented by Head of the State and acts under his personal patronage. The premium have been awarded annually on a competitive basis for considerable result achievement in the domain of production or services quality, its security assurance as well as for introduction by enterprise high-efficiency quality control methods. The premium winners take the national appeal, high quality evaluation of own product and become the quality standard for all Kazakhstan producers. The Altyn Sapa premium is national analogue of a Deming premium, Malcolm Baldridge quality premium and European quality premium.

Aims of project:

- The popularization of For advances in qualityAltyn Sapa 2011 the RK President premium among wide public.

- The propaganda of native industry, competitive recovery of Kazakhstan high quality commodities and support of best Kazakhstan commodity producers.

Realization of project:

- key picture working out

  • position media advertising
  • graphic arts
  • Sary Arka cycle track decoration

- creative innovative ideas

  • TV-link up
  • scene production

- information support

  • www.altyn-sapa.kz official website filling
  • preliminary PR
  • video and audio production job
  • mass media placement
  • press conference
  • post pr

- Altyn Sapa awarding ceremony arrangement

· hostess

· concert program

· official award

The results of project:

The event with participation of the RK President and Leadership of the country. 4500 thousands of spectators and about 300 competitioners for Altyn Sapa President premium. Active coverage in mass media.

On December 9, 2011 at the Day of Industrialization, Nursultan Nazarbayev, the Head of the State took part in the RK President premiums awarding ceremony Altyn Sapa in the domain of quality, The Best Goods of Kazakhstan, the republican competition – exhibition and Paryz, competition in the field of social business responsibility.  The solemn ceremony took place in Sary Arka, the capital cycle track starring more than 4500 thousand of people. In the course of event the nationwide TV-link up about Kazakhstan industrial objects presentation and start was carried out. Nursultan Nazarbayev had online familiarized with opening of regional projects realized under the auspices of a Country Forced Industrial Innovation Development Program and had given a start to new production. As well as the President awarded best native producers of the country with Altyn Sapa figurines. 

Kazakhstan economy has achieved much success up to 20 years of Independence.  According to British expert estimates Kazakhstan had made the top three of first decade twenty first century according to economic advance.  In the course of the Independence years the industrial production had increased in 9 times. The matters of production quality improvement are of higher priority at the turn of country to a new development stage.  Therefore to win the Altyn Sapa premium is very prestigious. In comparison with 2006 the quantity of the enterprises-challengers had increased from three hundred to thousand.