“The Best Commodity of Kazakhstan” Case








Title of project: The Best Commodity of Kazakhstan republican competition - exhibition

Sponsors of the project: Ministry of Industry and New Technologies of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Contractors of the project: PRIME MEDIA L.L.P PR Agency

About the project: The Best Commodity of Kazakhstan competition – exhibition including Altyn Sapa premium are made on the initiative of President of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2001 and being the highest awards in the domain of quality in our country. Competition is hold in two stages: regional and republican.

In the republican competition – exhibition The Best Commodity of Kazakhstan participate the top-rank native producers who became winners on the first regional competition stage. According to the results of competition – exhibition the winners are determined by commission in three categories:

  • The Best Production Commodities;
  • The Best Public Commodities;
  • The Best Food Commodities.

Aim of the project: support of native producers. The assistance in quality control strategy and competitive recovery progress of Kazakhstan commodities.

Realization of the project:

- key picture working out

  • position media advertising
  • graphic arts
  • Korme exhibition center decoration
  • participants mounts decoration

- information support

  • preliminary PR
  • video and audio production job
  • mass media placement
  • press conference
  • post PR

- exhibition arrangement

  • 156 participating companies
  • hostess
  • registration of visitors
  • VIP reception standing

The results of the project: 156 enterprises of the country, more than 1,000 visitors of exhibition. Active coverage of republican competition – exhibition in mass media.