"FIID SP" Case / Forced Industrial and Innovative Development State Program Case









The awareness buildup and forming of society loyalty to Forced Industrial and Innovative Development State Program

Client: Ministry of Information and Communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Ministry of Industry and New Technologies of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Project: Forced Industrial and Innovative Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan State Program for 2010-2014 period (hereinafter referred to as - FIID Program)

Geography: Kazakhstan, 2011

Project direction:

Public information

Work with bloggers


Maintain FIID SP image among the society by means of effective internet communications.

FIID SP mass popularization among people

Country population involving in industrialization process

State economic activity popularization


To improve the citizen confidence in FIID SP

To show the effectiveness of FIID SP

To show Program economic efficiency

Proposed decision:

FIID SP PR Campaign is lasting over a period of one and half year. The Agency was confronted with a problem how to raise the loyalty to Program among young and active people, therefore some interrelated projects were proposed.

PR Campaign had been divided into three stages with its own aims and objects:

The aim of first stage is making information about Program full, Internet available and clear for public;

The aim of second stage is showing the effectiveness of Program;

The aim of third stage is making of PR activities plan for 2012 year on the basis of PR campaign for 2011 year;


1. In order to realize the first stage it was recommended to form a web response system that would unite all information and news about Program on one resource. Also the problem was how to refill Kaznet with new interesting information, photographies and video of industrialization subject.

2. In order to show the effectiveness of Program it was proposed to hold blog tours along industrialization objects received state support under FIID.

3. The events plan for 2012 year was made up on the basis of conducted PR campaign analysis. The proposed ideas will show the effectiveness of Program according to economy sectors other than by separate enterprises.

gpfiir.kz Web response system

Web response system has been worked out as main platform on Internet that will present users information about manufacturing enterprises been started within the frames of Forced Industrial and Innovative Development State Program. It was proposed to entitle site as gpfiir.kz. On-line updated materials about new starting objects appear in web response system as well as the results of Kazakhstan working enterprises and economy sectors.  Therefore any citizen of Kazakhstan can follow up the industrialization process on website.  Besides web resource contains extra information about industrialization, state industrial sector development programs it is also the assembly and communication point to both professionals and common citizens of Kazakhstan.

Blog tours along industrialization objects

The aim of blog tours performance is showing the activity of republican industrial enterprises playing an important strategic role for Kazakhstan economy.  The route covered main regions of West, North, Central and South Kazakhstan. The well-known network authors had the opportunity to see production and processing outputs of non-raw economy sector while blog touring. Bloggers have on-line reported the route progress on personal pages in social media, led the Tweet translation and laid out the photographies of industrial objects.

PR activities plan for 2012 year

The conception idea lies in the fact that showing the results one of the economy sectors, particularly the sector companies, receiving support under Program. For example, hold the event that would unite companies of pharmaceutical sector entering in FIID.

We recommend showing the results of different sectors by means of PR tools mean universal (umbrella) events that are suitable for each sector and unique (dot) events been made for one of the sectors.

According to FIID SP data the priority sectors of economy are pharmaceutics, power, consumer goods, resources production and processing, infrastructural projects.

Universal events will perfectly go with both each sector and each company/enterprise.

Unique events are lined up for the purpose of maximally profitably showing the results of different sectors according to industrialization map.

Within the frame of PR campaigns the following were realized:

• Reputation audit drawing up
• Brand book preparation
• Game show scripts preparation
• Blog tours performance
• Event media plan development
• Internet campaign

Achieved results:

The stream of qualitative and positive information about FIID was fixed on the Internet. Video, photographies and blog posts about industrialization objects were laid out. The information contents on Internet is composed 154 000 crops.

According to the results of PR campaigns the questionnaire was hold shown that users had changed its opinion about Program and consider it as effective and opportune state Program for Kazakhstan that will allow native economy become effective and competitive.